Digital Product Photography

Product shots are an essential element in your marketing material. Professional product photography can have a huge impact on the way you are perceived by your clients and whether they buy from you or move on to another supplier.  In tough economic times the temptation is to opt for a cheap looking low cost solution, after all, nowadays anyone who owns a modern camera is a professional photographer!  In reality, it takes a bit more care and skill to be able to create clean, simple professional results. We have years of experience and can supply high quality images at very affordable prices.

Your images can be supplied as a simple cut out, with or without shadows, on a custom background or with other effects such as soft reflections.



 Lifestyle Pack Shots

If you want a little more styling we can also provide lifestyle photography, below is one image from a recent shoot for Food Brands Group.



 3d/cgi Product Shots

In addition to traditional photography we also create high end 3d/cgi renders that are truly photo real. 3d packshots provide a flexible solution that can be quickly modified, adapted, re branded and optimised for specific use. They are perfect for when the actual product is unavailable to be photographed and still allow the production of marketing materials.

A recent example of this is shown below. We were approached by Baldwin& on behalf of their client Burt’s Bees to produce a full set of photo real images for the new Güd product range. All we had to work with was the dimensions of the packaging, the artwork and a sample of the product material.






Flat or invisible mannequin

We can supply clothing packshots as either flat or the increasingly popular ‘invisible mannequin’





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